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417 Middle Road, Hazlet 07730
Phone: 732-264-4995      Fax: 732-264-3846

Teacher: Mr Ryan Taylor

High School Program Description

A two-year HIGH SCHOOL program designed to prepare students to enter the field of carpentry and work for a carpenter, own their own carpentry business or enter the carpenter’s union if they desire. The high school curriculum is designed to develop entry-level workforce skills and allow the students to receive advanced standing and acceptance in the carpentry field. 

Career Pathways

  • Carpenter
  • Carpenter’s Helper
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Sheet Rocker
  • Framer
  • Roofer
  • Siding Installer
  • Mason’s Assistant

Program Skills And Tasks

  • Understanding different building materials such as lumber sizes, types, defects, board feet, engineered lumber, and non-wood materials
  • General safety rules
  • Use of various carpentry tools used including leveling instruments such as a building level and a transit level
  • Plan specifications, codes and blueprint reading
  • Footings and foundations, constructing a floor, wall, and ceiling frames
  • Roof framing, types of roofing materials and methods of installation
  • Installation of windows, doors, exterior walls, ceiling fixtures, finish flooring
  • Stair construction, doors, interior trim and cabinetmaking
  • Installation of finish materials including siding, casement work, and all necessary trim
  • Painting, finishing, solar constructions, and remodeling

Important Qualities

Safety Skills: Carpenters must be able to work in a safe and skillful manner. There is a very large responsibility involved in using the power tools and machines in the construction field.

Interpersonal skills. Carpenters must be able to work well with others. To successfully complete a construction job, carpenters must be able to work with a variety of tradespeople.

Listening skills. Carpenters must have good listening skills. They need to follow directions from the job foreman, architects, and engineers.

Organizational skills. Carpenters must have excellent organizational skills. They should have the correct tools in order to complete a task in a timely and efficient manner.

Continuing Education

  • Apprenticeship-
  • Brookdale Community College
  • Johnson College

High School Credits Earned

Level One
Carpentry 1 10 credits
CTE Math I 5 credits
ICTE Science I 5 credits
Level Two
Carpentry 2 10 credits
CTE Math II 5 credits
ICTE Science II 5 credits
TOTAL: 40 credits

Certificates Upon Graduation

MCVSD Program Certificate

Additional Information

AVERAGE WAGES- $40,000 (